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samedi 18 novembre 2023

Fatty liver, causes and solutions with prevention

Understanding Fatty Liver: Unraveling Causes, Solutions, and Prevention

Explore the causes and treatment of fatty liver, a condition affecting all age groups. Learn about the crucial role of the liver, the shift in nutritional patterns leading to liver steatosis, and practical lifestyle changes for prevention. Your guide to a healthier liver and a happier life.

Fatty Liver: Decoding the Complexity

The human liver, a powerhouse weighing one and a half kilograms, orchestrates approximately 900 biological processes in a watery environment. However, when encased in fat, it undergoes a shift to a fatty nature, triggering a cascade of health problems. The liver's renewal, driven by hepatocytes, showcases the remarkable resilience of the human body.

The Culprit: Liver Steatosis and its True Causes

Contrary to popular belief, excessive fat consumption isn't the primary cause of fatty liver. The real issue lies in the deviation from a physiologically sound diet. Our modern eating habits, dominated by high-glycemic-index foods like sweets, sugars, and processed foods, contribute to the rising prevalence of fatty liver.

A Comparative Insight: Learning from Geese

Drawing a parallel with the production of fatty liver in geese, where overfeeding in confined spaces induces the condition, humans inadvertently follow a similar path. The shift from physiological foods to those with a high glycemic index fuels the problem.

Key Contributors to Fatty Liver

1.   Eating Patterns:

o   Irregular eating, disregarding main meals.

2.   Excessive Consumption:

o   Overeating as an excess energy source.

3.   White Bread Impact:

o   Consuming white bread devoid of bran.

4.   Out-of-Season Foods:

o   Consuming certain foods outside their season.

Understanding the Diagnosis

When seeking a diagnosis, specialists conduct examinations to assess the liver's health. Detection of liver fat prompts the need for proactive measures.

Treatment Approaches for Liver Steatosis

Contrary to the quest for a magic pill, the solution to fatty liver lies in lifestyle adjustments. Adopting the following practices can significantly contribute to liver health:

1.   Activating the Liver through Exercise:

o Positioned beneath the diaphragm on the right side, the liver benefits from pressure generated through breathing and physical activity. Regular exercise becomes a key ally.

2.   Quality and Quantity of Food:

o Choosing fresh, wholesome foods while avoiding fried items with hydrogenated oils is paramount. Opting for brown bread, rich in bran and supplemented with seeds, serves as an intestinal broom, echoing ancestral practices.

3.   Smart Dietary Choices:

o Yeast Utilization:

§ Incorporating homemade yeast prevents Candida albicans formation and ethanol exacerbation.

o Fruit Consumption:

§ Timing matters; consume fruits seasonally and on an empty stomach to optimize

  digestion and prevent fermentation.

Daily movement, thoughtful dietary selections, and intermittent fasting emerge as a potent trifecta against fatty liver. Remember, what you eat can either fuel or mitigate the impact on your liver. Strive for a harmonious balance, and let your liver thrive.

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